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Coxswains Workshop

posted 5 Nov 2014, 00:45 by Em Liddell   [ updated 8 Dec 2014, 01:53 ]
Andrew Bird ran a very successful workshop about coxing with over 70 coaches, rowers and coxswains attending on Wednesday 6 December

The workshop covered the following topics, more detail is in the slides you can download below:
-The general role of the cox
-Steering and positional awareness
-The breakdown of the rowing stroke
-What to say – around technique and how to communicate to the crew / individuals - reverse psychology

Andrew Bird is a former New Zealand rowing cox who won an Olympic Bronze medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. He won Bronze in the coxed four along with George Keys, Greg Johnston, Ian Wright and Chris White. In 1986 Andrew won Silver medals in the coxed four at both the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh and the World Rowing Championships in Nottingham and he coxed the NZ 8 that placed 7th at the 1987 World Championships at Copenhagen.
Andrew now coaches at Petone Rowing Club.

Em Liddell,
8 Dec 2014, 01:51